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Investigación en inglés

Con la profe Laura, de Inglés estuvimos investigando acerca de los diferentes países que participaron del mundial... No fue fácil, pero acá está nuestro trabajo. Si querés practicar leer en este idioma te desafiamos a que lo hagas; si no... podés ayudarte con el buscador del blog!!!!!

Croatia:                                 Resultado de imagen para bandera de croacia

Is a country in Europe it limits are: Slovenia, Black Mount, Bosnia, Servian and Hungary. The lenguaje of Croatia is erbio croataian.
The currency is croatian Kuna (one argentinian peso is 0,69 croatian Kuna).
The capital is Zagreb.
The weather is cold and dry. A thounsand species of plants are in Croatia. There are more then 40 species restiles an amphibians.
A tipic food is ocean fishies, crab with lemon, rice with fry vegetables.
The main religion of Croatia is catholisism.
The Croatian flag incluyes the states simbols of Croatia.
It consists of there equal size, horizontal stripes in colors red, white and blue. In the middle is the coat of arms of Croatia.
The flag combines, the colors of the flags of the Kingdoms of Dalmatia (red and blue). Those there Kingdoms are the history constituent states of the Croatian Kingdoin.
The mayor persondities of Croatian ore: Nicolo Tesla (scientific).
Aloysius Stepinoc (policial),Steve Boria (actor), Mira Furlan (actor),Gordan Visnfic (actor),Gordan Giricele (sportsman),Damir Marcota (sportman) and Davor Suker (sportman).
The tropical musics are Kolo and Klapa.
The most important sports are : Football,Handball,Baketball,Waterpolo,Swimming,Rowing.
Croacia first appeared as a duchy in the late 8th century and then as a kingdom in the 10th century.
From the 12th century it remaend a distict state with it's ruler (ban) and parlament, but it obyed the kings and emperors of varius neighbon powers, punialy Hungary and Autria
The period from the 15th to the 17th centuries was marked by bilther strunggles with the Oltoman empire.After beng miorporated in Yigosbaria for most of the 20th ,Croatis regained independende in 1991

Dafne, Mayra y Marina

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